Monday, January 01, 2001


CrAftermath is a community designed with the alternative UK crafter in mind.

Partly through a jealousy of what our fellow US crafters have over the pond and partly to create a community us crafty UK folk can be proud of, CrAftermath was born.

Here in the UK we live in a hub of creativity, individualism and style and yet the words 'craft fair' only really appeal to British OAP's. CrAftermath is here to change all that and to provide a place that ‘alternative' and ‘renegade' crafters, who are dismayed with the current craft scene within the UK can call home.

We encourage creativity in whatever form, however the recent advance of the twee craft magazines and gold peel offs have got us a little p****d off. So CrAftermath is here to provide an alternative image of craft within the UK.

There are a few ways we are working on our aim to update the old stereotypes of craft and crafters within the UK, why not have a look around the blog.