Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crafty high street?

I was stumbling around Topshop the other day and came across one of their new brands; Crafty Couture.

It seems to be a range of 'crafty' style tshirts - some just printed but some with applique and button details.

My first reaction was "pah! high street cashing in on the craft trend again" but then thought "well, why not" and then thought "well I'm sure we (as in the UK craft community) can beat that and come up with something much better".

So I came home and started an Internet search - and couldn't find any. Lots of American offerings but no UK ones! I am quite disillusioned and want you guys to point me in the direction of any UK based cool, independent tshirt designers...! oh and what do you think about craft on the high street?


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