Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We say hello to laurafallulah!

In another of our crafty interviews we meet Laura from laurafallulah.

Tell us a bit about yourself…who are you and what do you do?
I am Laura Harris and I run laurafallulah, my range is very kitsch, cute and girly. I design and make tote bags, purses, brooches and other accessories. I specialise in appliquéd design and hand stitching over the top of patterned fabrics. Although I do make some designs with a plainer more natural feel. I am inspired by vintage fashion, nature and colour so I always try to put this across in my work.

What first got you into crafting and making things?
I have always been a very hands on kind of person and loved drawing and collages when I was little but was never very good at traditional art like painting so I naturally turned to crafting. I have always knitted since junior school and followed my love of textiles throughout my education to a degree, which I finished in 2004.

What/who are your inspirations?
As I said above I am inspired by many things mainly nature and nature. I like to surround myself which things that I love so I can often find inspiration through the things in my home. One of my favourite things to do when I am in a design rut is to look through magazines, old and new, pulling out pictures to make scrapbooks. Also you can’t beat a day at your local fabric shop in my opinion.

As to who are my inspirations, really anyone who takes the massive step to try and make a living through their own work. It is scary and it helps to know other people who are going through the same things. Also people like, without trying to suck up, the girls at CrAftermath inspire me as they are trying to help others with their work rather than helping themselves, which is always a great thing to do.

What do you think the difference is between art and craft?
This is always a tricky one to answer. I don’t really know is the answer, I think that people tend to see art as techniques such as painting, drawing and sculpture where as craft as things like knitting and sewing. I think that the worlds of art, craft and design are so blurred and overlapped that you can’t always say what is what. I like it that way as I think I am a bit of each, I design, I craft and the finished product is art that you can wear.

Any crafty tips to share?
I usually scout all over for supplies; if you are lucky enough to live in London there are many great fabric shops and markets, like Sheppards Bush and Brixton. Also if you like old fabric and haberdasheries then boot sales and Ebay are always good. There are so many great blogs and site that I don’t know where to begin, have a browse around myspace and you will always find someone that makes things. Etsy is great for both selling and inspiration, the forum is always full of people spreading advice and just looking through the amazing array of items for sale.

What do you think about the current UK craft scene?
I think that it is encouraging but it could go a lot further. There are some amazing people making amazing things and slowly we are growing bigger. Groups like this as well as more craft mafias spreading the word helps and there are more fairs and web shops now than ever which is great.

The biggest job is to get the general public to appreciate the work and time that goes into the making of something handmade. Also to get people to pay that little but extra to get something individual, well made and special and we would be a lot closer to something like the scene that they have in the USA.

So thanks to Laura for telling us a bit about herself and inspiration, and again for the CrAftermath plug :). Please support your fellow crafters and visit laurafallulah!

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