Monday, January 01, 2001

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Please feel free to add your own links...

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Fairs and Markets

The perfect way for CrAftermath to spread the word is to 'tour' the UK putting on our own 'craft' fairs.

This is something that we plan to do some point in the future, however it is involving more red tape and organising than we had anticipated! We also don't want to rush anything and not do CrAftermath the justice it deserves.

If you would be interested in having a stall at a future CrAftermath fair, or even just want to express an interest then please contact us.

In the meantime, some of our fellow CrAftermath-ters have already started organising their own fairs, hopefully there is one in your area!

Here Shop crafty markets - For more information see or email

Miso Funky Market - For more information see

Prettycraftythings - For more information see

Hip Hip Handmade - For more information

There may also be other fairs listed on the CrAftermath Forum here.
Please feel free to add your own 'alternative craft' fairs and markets!


Get Involved!

If you like what you have read so far and share the CrAftermath ethos and would like to get involved to spread the CrAftermath word then you'll be glad to know that there are a number of ways you can help out!

Tell everyone you know!
Quite an easy one this one! Please tell everyone you know (family, friends and that cool looking girl you walk past every morning) about CrAftermath. Give them the URL ( and get them to come along and join us - even better, get them to join the forum and say hi!

Link to CrAftermath
Why not add a link to CrAftermath from your website, blog or myspace page. If you have got a Myspace page then you can add CrAftermath to that too, find us at

Tag something...
Now we don't condone grafitti of course but you could join in with the CrAftermath tagging craze across the UK. Why not draw something, paint something or knit something and tie a CrAftermath 'tag' to it. Then attach it to a lamp post, leave it on a bench or put it somewhere amusing for others to find and discover CrAftermath. For more info and to see what fellow CrAftermath-ters have been up to see the forum...

Join a CrAftermath Street Team
We are in the process of setting up a Street Team for those who want to 'officially' spread the CrAftermath word. We are looking for members from around the UK so please let us know if you would like to help out.

Support other CrAfermath-ters
Many CrAftermath-ters have their own small businesses selling their handmade wares that they will have spent time lovingly creating. Please support them by visiting their websites and shops to keep the CrAftermath spirit alive. For a list of websites have a look at the Links Page. Some CrAftermath-ters are also setting up their own 'alternative' craft fairs so check out the forum for new events in your area.


CrAftermath is a community designed with the alternative UK crafter in mind.

Partly through a jealousy of what our fellow US crafters have over the pond and partly to create a community us crafty UK folk can be proud of, CrAftermath was born.

Here in the UK we live in a hub of creativity, individualism and style and yet the words 'craft fair' only really appeal to British OAP's. CrAftermath is here to change all that and to provide a place that ‘alternative' and ‘renegade' crafters, who are dismayed with the current craft scene within the UK can call home.

We encourage creativity in whatever form, however the recent advance of the twee craft magazines and gold peel offs have got us a little p****d off. So CrAftermath is here to provide an alternative image of craft within the UK.

There are a few ways we are working on our aim to update the old stereotypes of craft and crafters within the UK, why not have a look around the blog.