Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Virtual Fair

As you can see there is a new link on the home-page to the virtual fair. This page is *obviously* still under construction ( ie ignore the HUGE hands! ) But as it developes this should be a great addition to our little community, basically- if you haven't read the forum post - The idea is you buy a page ( £20 per year ) to showcase your work, provide information about yourselves and contact details, or website links and allow sales or commissions to be done direct with yourselves, getting rid of middleman fees, as the site grows to be a bigger and better resource for alternative craft in the UK, so to will more people get to see your stuff and there's the added bonus that people visting a CrAftermath fair or event will be able to look you up aswell.
If you want a page email me ( ) and let me know what you want and how you want it to look and we'll take it from there.
Love Sally
If anyones been experiencing problems with the site over the last couple of days I am totally responsible... I've just got hold of Dreamweaver and had a few problems with transfering the site, Should all be sorted now but look out for some changes in the next few weeks :)