Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Zoom" Hat

I made up a hat! It's named after the Zoom lollies because of the similar colours. The pattern is here.

Monday, September 17, 2007

We say hello to This Charming Girl

The second of our interviews meets This Charming Girl.
A fellow CrAftermath-ter This Charming Girl has recently had a new look website and specialises in handmade and vintage jewellery.

Tell us a bit about yourself…who are you and what do you do?
My name is Jackie and I'm a 22 year old jewellery addict from Scotland. By day I work as a Project Administrator and every other spare minute is spent designing, making, packaging and posting jewellery for my online jewellery boutique, This Charming Girl.

What first got you into crafting and making things?
As a kid I wasn't very crafty, I was always more into reading and writing stories. As I grew up I became interested in fashion and accessories like most teenage girls but I didn't get further than pouring over the pages of glossy magazines.

About two years ago I became aware of the number of independent designers on the net making lovely, different jewellery but most of them were US based. I found some supplies and started to make some jewellery for myself and friends and family which went down well then wondered if jewellery like this would appeal to other people like me in the UK. I took a leap of faith and launched This Charming Girl in October 2006 and haven't looked back!

What/who are your inspirations?
Lots of things - my friends, girls I pass in the street, films, vintage jewellery, trends over the years, music (after all my site was named after a Smiths song!) and especially my customers.

Sometimes I'll make a necklace and think "would anyone apart from me like this?!" and when it sells it's the biggest inspiration.

What do you think the difference is between art and craft?
I think they tend to overlap but generally craft is more functional as opposed to being for display. Personally I feel art and craft are one and the same as they both involve being creative, using skill and producing something from your imagination.

Any crafty tips to share?
I have to recommend the Craftermath forum! It's a great place to seek and share advice with fellow crafters and was a great help to me when I started.

For supplies I recommend the internet (I use it for practically everything), particularly eBay. There are many dedicated sellers there stocking everything you could ever need for your chosen craft, all you have to do is take a bit of time to search.

For inspiration, look at - it's similar to eBay but for handmade goods and there are some wonderful crafters selling their wares.

What do you think about the current UK craft scene?
It's certainly growing all the time, more and more people are turning to indie designers instead of the highstreet because they want to look more individual. I've seen a lot of talented young girls opening their own online shops recently selling everything from handmade jewellery like myself to lingerie, bags, stationery etc.

The UK scene isn't as developed as the US scene but it is getting there!

To check out all that This Charming Girl has to offer visit

Also be sure to look at the Happy Customers! page to see some of the gorgeous jewellery modelled by real customers!

I just want to say a big thank you to Jackie - as a previous customer and now delighted owner of 'Secret Garden' and also for the forum plug (which wasn't even hinted at by me!).

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Who's got wood?

So, this weekend has involved lots of gardening/building walls/moving slabs so I am a little exhausted. This has now extended to my brain, so for this evenings selection we have to be thankful to Mat (the ever patient, fiance)!

Let me introduce you to wood...

This is a great hairslide by Numpty from Scotland who has a selection of quirky items, including a similar slide to the one below, spelling Ditzy (which actually is probably better suited to me, and has a higher Scrabble score!)

This mini print by Askey from Cheshire is of her 'Fairytale' digital illustration. Her Etsy shop features some great illustration prints and greeting cards.

The final piece of wood is from beadeliciousbaby in the form of this great chunky necklace.

Happy Sunday!

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