Friday, July 21, 2006

Something for the weekend

Many of you may know of these websites but just in case....

I often need some encouragement when it comes to 'creating' so these projects/ideas are perfect for me!

For the photographers out there (or those that just like taking pics!) check out who post a weekly topic for you to capture in a photograph. This week it is "Common" which leaves plenty of room for interpretation! Although I particularly like this one:

For those of you that like to use a peice of paper then might be more up your street. Their topic this week is "Opposites". The idea with this one is (obviously) that you illustrate something whether it's on the computer, with collage, pencil crayon or other method. This one made me smile

Even if it doesn't spur you on to create something yourself, it is always good just to browse!

Enjoy, Lx

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