Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Change is afoot!

Many of you will have already read that there are going to be some changes happening around here!

There is lots of cool stuff planned for the website (
www.craftermath.co.uk) to help spread the CrAftermath word! We are designing new and improved sections, with information on how to get involved, the travelling CrAftermath fair, a page for free links, more “How To’s” and much more :)

Along with the changes to the website, the forum will remain (obviously!) and we hope to promote it more and more to get as many members as possible.

The virtual fair at
www.craftyarmy.co.uk is also still happening and we are receiving quite a bit of interest so we will keep you all posted about progress!

Finally, thank you to all you CrAftermath-ters for making the forum worth visiting and for all the encouragement. We know you are all very creative so if you have any ideas for the new website then please let us know! :)


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